Thanks for all the CS hosts in Austria & Slovakia.

April 12 (Fri afternoon)
Bratislava, Slovakia

Thanks for all the CS hosts in Austria & Slovakia.

I appreciated all nice & very friendly hosts while we met in these two countries, thanks again for everyone of you to enrich my vision and the fantastic journey ⋯⋯in Salzburg, Vienna and Bratislava.

I would like to make the millions thanks for Edo Rauscher's sweetest family inclueded their family members as below, they treated me as like their son, one part of their family member, let me feel the warm family's love in Bratislava.

Eddie's family:
daddy- Juraj
mammy- Helena Rauscherová
Eddie's grand mother
brother- Richard Rauscher
brother's beautiful girl friend - Marianna Cuperová
All of their best friends and lovely pets - Porthos & Prego.

April 1/2- Clemens Wimmer (Salzburg 薩爾斯堡)
April 3/4/5 - Stefan & his flatmate Christoph Rogers (Vienna 維也納)
April 6/7/8 - Lubor & his daddy Otto (Bratislava 布拉提斯拉瓦)
April 9/10/11/12- Edo Rauscher's sweet family (Bratislava 布拉提斯拉瓦)

感謝以下在奧地利及斯洛伐克接待我的各位熱情好客的沙發主, 因為有你們陪伴, 這趟歐洲行增加濃厚歡樂及人情味.

我特別要提到Eddie's家及他的所有家人. 熱情的接待及視我為他們家人的一份子, 萬分致謝. 有你們陪伴, 我感受到濃濃的家庭的愛.更多 — 和 Edo Rauscher其他 6 個人在Bratislava, Slovakia

Penny Hsu: 喔,好像喔,Eddy他們一家人好像同一個模子刻出來。

Richard Hou: Yes, three sexiest Slovakian men, good looking, gentle and very tall guys. Daddy 190cm, bro Richard 194cm and Edo is 192cm.