My 1st CS Host in Budapest, Hungary - Sandor 匈牙利,布達佩斯第一位沙發主

04132013 (Sat afternoon)
Budapest, Hungary
Sandor Laszlo Toth

He sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard is nice, friendly and communicative friend! He is ready to cook, go out and be a part of local happenings! Nice Chinese 'art' letters / drowings he created especially for me! :)

I gave him the reference
I am fortunate to be the surfer and stay at Sandor's home. He is super nice and gentle guy, always smile to his guest.

Sandor open up the door of fashion world and let me join his sexy super female model friend's birthday party on the night pub, I am so lucky to catch this chance, feel as like "mini" star too even I am just normal guy with normal looking but on the party show I met lots of new friends smile and welcome to me.

This is unexpected & unforgettable party experience. In addition, I stay here as like my family brother's home. Thanks & Xiexie to the sexiest Hungarian Sandor. 

This is my current host Sandor located in Budapest city, thanks for him to pick me up from train station, very gentle and nice person, I feel like stay at my home.

He is the owner for one fashion⋯⋯ model company and tonight I will cook the Asian dinner for him and share more about topics, travel and whatever interesting things too.

I also thanks for him to use Taiwanese famous Notebook acer, so I asked him to be my fashion NB model, lol. 

這位是我今天下午剛抵達匈牙利布達佩斯的型男沙發主Sandor, 感謝他來車站接我, 並且借我腳踏車稍後可以去逛市中心. 他是位非常斯文有禮, 和善親切的人.

他目前從事時尚圈, 擁有一家模特兒經紀公司. 今晚會準備下廚作台灣料理請他品嚐, 一起分享一些有趣的話題.

特別感謝他愛用台灣貨, 他的筆電是acer. 所以請他充當一下品牌代言模特兒.

04132013 (Sat night)
Budapest, Hungary 匈牙利, 布達佩斯

Have fun in pub and enjoy the greatest time.
Thanks for my host Sandor invite to celebrate his female friend's birthday party.

04132013 (Sun evening)
Buda0pest, Hungary 匈牙利, 布達佩斯

Finish my Chinese calligraphy for my Budapest sexy host Sandor's souvenir, he is super nice and gentle guy.

今晚剛完成書法, 送給布達佩斯型男沙發主Sandor留念, 他是位超級讚及貼心的好男人.