My CS host in Zagreb, Croatia - Vladimir & Hanna 克羅埃西亞 薩格勒布, 情侶沙發主

04182013 (Thu night)
Zagreb, Croatia
克羅埃西亞, 薩格勒布

Croatia tourist board

Chinese versions presents about Croatia, see this blog:

Vladimir Basta
They sent me the reference via couch surfing.
Richard was an amazing source of information about Taiwan culture and mentality,at one moment I asked him about unemployment over there and he said "Situation is bad...very bad......5 % unemployed people.." of course I started to laugh cuz in Croatia is around 20 % in a good scenario :-) Besides that we went in a walk to the old part of town,market and dinner where friends and I had opportunity to listen about amazing country of Taiwan.

Richard thank you for everything,even if one day CS disappears,your masterpiece writing in Chinese calligraphy of our names will always stay on the wall. Love from Croatia !
I sent the reference to Vladimir
I would like to say I am so lucky to meet this awesome young couple in this beautiful city. They sent me couch request very early and picked me up in train station.

Vladimir & Hanna are sweet lovely couple, always polite and be kind to take care me even they are much younger than me.

As their guests, you will never be bored because they showed you most interesting places in Zagreb, meet their best friends and have nice dinner & drink party with every one.

Thanks you Vladimir & Hanna. Enjoy your happiness and great study. I am proud to be your Asian surfer and intimate friends as like your old brother. hvala

Love in this pretty city in Zagreb.
I am so lucky to receive the very early invitation from this sweet students lovers from Croatia around early March, they are so nice people. They picked me up in train station to back their pretty beauty home, then Hanna show me delicious & yummy dinner meal and her boyfriend Vladimir made good tea for me....

I am enjoying the good time & love with them in this beautiful country....

愛在薩格勒布, 克羅埃西亞
非常幸運地在三月初就收到這對學生情人Vladimir & Hanna的沙發邀請信.
他們二位在火車站接送我回到他們甜蜜愛的小窩,接著Hanna準備可口的晚餐, 她的男友Vladimir調制一壺好茶請我品嚐.



04192013 (Fri afternoon)
Zagreb, Croatia 薩格勒布, 克羅埃西亞

Just finish the Chinese calligraphy and wish they enjoy for sweet love ever day & night.

剛完成書法, 送給甜蜜的克羅埃西亞年青戀人Vladimir & Hanna.

For your love song:
Michael Bublé - "To Love Somebody"

Hanna KordnejadZapresic, Grad Zagreb

04192013 (Fri afternoon/night)
Zagreb, Croatia 薩格勒布, 克羅埃西亞

Enjoy the good time with Vladimir & Hanna and their best friends.
You are awesome people!!

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— 和 Hanna KordnejadAleksandar BrujićZagreb