My 1st CS host in Ljubljana, Slovenia - Branco & Alenka 斯洛伐尼亞-盧布爾雅那 情侶沙發主

04242013 (Wed afternoon)
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Branco Grabovac                                                                                      

He sent me the reference via couch surfing
I'm starting to believe that all the guys from Taiwan are very open minded, talkative and cheerful.

He is the second person from Taiwan that we were hosting, and is just as sweet, polite, and adventurous as the first one.

Richard is a real traveler, ready to experience the sights and sounds of every country he visits. He loves people, conversations, and exploring new places. I also found out that he loves to cook - he prepared a traditional Taiwanese dinner for us, which was really good!

He is an excellent ambassador of his country, as he (besides showing us the traditional cuisine) made a beautiful hand writing in Chinese, and taught us a lot about life in Taiwan.

We will remember his visit for a long time.

Just arrived in Ljubljana train station in this afternoon and taking the late lunch at Mcdonald's now. Waiting the most sexy Slovenian couple around 17:30pm.

04242013 (Wed night)
Ljubljana, Slovenia

斯洛文尼亞, 盧布爾雅那

Never think about one day I can stay one of most sexy Slovenian lovers' couch -Branco & Alenka Mahne. They are not just good looking on the surface, also have a big heart and sweet smile to welcome the new friend.

I appreciated they accepted my couch request even they are busy to arrange the package and will move to another new house soon in this weekend. I must state about Yifan Chang, without his help, I never have this chance to m⋯⋯eet so nice lovers' couple in Ljubljana. Let's fall in LOVE in S"love"nia again.

Branco Grabovac

未曾想到會有一天能夠認識並且住在斯洛伐尼亞的最帥氣及最美麗的俊男美女情侶檔家裡 (Branco & Alenka). 他們不儘是外貌出眾, 同時還有一顆最善良的心及最甜美的笑容來接待遠方的新友人.

在他們本周最煩忙, 準備要在周末前必須整理家當, 搬到新環境, 他們仍然接受我的沙發請求, 萬分感謝. 同時要提到小帆的引介及相助, 我才有這個緣份認識斯洛伐克的最帥氣和最美麗的情侶沙發主. 醉心於斯洛伐尼亞的愛情天地.


Note: The following pictures taken by Branco & Alenka

(Richard's drawing)

Note: The following pictures taken by Yifan Chang