Paris Disneyland - 20 Years anniversary 法國巴黎迪士尼樂園20周年慶

05282013 (Wed morning)
Paris Disneyland, France.

Paris Disneyland - 20 Years anniversary - Special Promotion
Celebrated your birthday with free e-ticket to visit Disneyland Studio & Park

I searched this special promotion activities via Paris Disneyland official website in middle June 2012 and translated all details in Chinese, posted to Taiwanese backpackers website for more people to have this greatest chance to visit Paris Disneyland by free charge (only effective within one week since your birthday date)

2012年六月份在巴黎迪士尼樂園官網發現它們有一個特別慶祝20周年慶活動, 凡是在以下連結活動網址上註冊個人的生日及相闗資料, 就可以收到一張免費入園電子券, 在申請人生日起當周七天內, 憑票免費入園.

Chèr(e) invité(e),
Un anniversaire approche...

Téléchargez le billet électronique de la personne indiquée ci-dessous, valable dans la semaine à compter de son anniversaire*.
Ce billet est à imprimer entièrement et à présenter
à l'entrée des Parcs Disney®, avec une pièce d'identité.

Découvrez dès à présent ce que nous vous avons réservé
pour notre 20e anniversaire en cliquant ici.
Nous vous souhaitons une très bonne visite dans nos Parcs...
Et joyeux anniversaire ! — 在 Disneyland® Paris

 J'etais serré des mains avec Mickey à la fin de mai au parc de Paris Disneyland. C'est un expérience très agréable parce que mon billet est gratuit pour célébrer mon anniversaire.

Paris Disneyland 法國巴黎迪士尼樂園

05282013 (Wed afternoon)
Paris Disneyland, France.
Disney Park

Sleeping Beauty Castle (English)
Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Français)
巴黎迪士尼-睡美人城堡 (中文)
眠れる森の美女の城 (日本語の)


Celebrated my birthday in Brussels, Belgium 比利時布魯塞爾生日慶

05262013 (Sun)
Brussels, Belgium

It's awesome to meet one of my best American friends in Brussels again, they are young and sweet couple studied in University of Brussels and will finish the master degree in next end June.

Last early June we met in one horse pension near Brussels (helpers) and it's so nice to see Sky Bennett & Catie Bennett again and celebrated my with them and their another french flatmates (young couple - Simon & Colobme). They made so delicious American style dinner & cake for this wonderful night.

As they are going to finish their study in Brussels and start to take another long journey included some cities in Europe & Bhutan and somewhere in Asia, hopefully to meet them very soon in my lovely country - Formosa Taiwan and my city Kaohsiung.

非常榮幸能夠在比利時布魯塞爾再次和我最好的美國好友見面. 他們是一對非常年青的美國夫妻, 目前仍在布魯塞爾大學就讀碩士班, 六月底就會完成學業.

2012年六月初我們在布魯塞爾一家馬場擔工義工時認識, 很高興再次能在此時再見到Sky & Catie. 並且和他們及另外一對法國室友情侶檔共同慶祝我的生日. 今晚他們特別準備美式家鄉風味菜祝賀我的生日快樂.

Sky & Catie即將完成在比利時的碩士學位, 也會在六月底陸續到歐洲幾個城市和亞洲的不丹及其他地區旅行, 希望他們有機會也來台灣及高雄旅行, 再次見到這對美國好友夫妻檔.
— 與 Catie BennettSky Bennett

the below message upload from facebook on May 28,2013
Catie:  Richard, thanks so much for sharing your birthday and these photos with us! It was very fun to see you again and hear all your stories from your world adventures. Take care of yourself, and hope to see you soon, my dear friend!

Richard: Sorry for my late message, I just read it tonight. I have greatest birthday with greatest friends Sky and Catie, I am lucky guy, hope I can work hard to make my first daily travel book and also presented you on my book story soon. See u soon again in Asia.


My 2nd CS host in Warsaw - Toniwalia 波蘭華沙第二位沙發主

05252013 (Sat noon)
Warsaw, Poland

My Slovakian good friend Edo Rauscher introduced me Toniwalia for few months ago.. Toni is not just hosted me in Warsaw but also let me feel very comfort to stay his home, even let me sleep his room⋯⋯.

I also tasted very yummy Indian food at Tandoor restaurant, unforgettable and delicious curry dish. Wish in soon future I have another lucky chance to visit his country India.

Thanks for your warm and great hospitality.

See more information about his Indian food restaurant on the below link:


Toni Walia不僅招待我住宿他家, 而且把他舒適的房間給我使用二晚.

在華沙時我同時有機會前往他所經營的印度菜餐廳, 品味美味佳餚. 希望不久將來有機會去旅行他的國家印度.



He sent me the reference via couch surfing.
It was such a great hosting with Richard as my guest. 
I always like hosting Asians. Richard was a good and clean guest. 
I would like him as a guest anytime. 

Thank you for coming to my home. Cheers.