Princi - yummy restaurant in Milan, Italy 義大利米蘭的美味複合式餐館

05042013 (Sat)
Milano, Italy 

I would like to recommend this yummy bakery store & Italian restaurant as I found it in Milano. The name is called Princi, see the below website link

 They have four chains store in Milano and another one located in London, UK.

I saw lot of people go in this store to buy food & drink and assume that their business is very good, bakery shop crew always busy for more & more customers come in.

I ordered one plate of spaghetti, one piece of tiramisu cake and one cup of illy cappuccino. Very delicious dessert & cafe. The price is not cheap because Italy is quite expensive country in Europe.
The price is as below for my lunch
Spaghetti - 6 euros
Tiramisu cake - 4.44 euros
Cappuccino - 1.35 euros

這家複合式餐館是我在米蘭時去找當地朋友前無意中在地鐵站附近發現的, 店名是Princi.

這個品牌餐館在米蘭有四家分店, 英國倫敦另有一家分店.

當時看到好多人進入這家店消費, 我一進去後看到好大的一家店, 提供甜點, 西餐及麵包.

我點了一份義大利麵, 一塊提拉米蘇及一杯卡布其諾, 非常美味, 果然是時尚及美食之都. 總消費是12歐左右, 不算便宜. 義大利的物價算是挺貴的國家. — 在 Princi