My CS host in Berlin, Germany - Luca 德國柏林沙發主

05162013 (Wed morning)
Berlin, Germany

It's great experience to meet my Berlin host Luca Pizzamiglio.
Luca is also my 4th Italian host on my 3 months journey in Europe, he was born in Northern Italy, one city called Casalpusterlengo.

I appreciated to him host me even only stayed his comfort house within 48 hours. In addition, I need to mention that in Oct, 2010 Luca had been hosted my good friend Yifan Chang for couple days, I bought Yifan photo book (book name: Participate in creating a better world, one couch at time / 中文書名: 沙發旅攝) on page 041 I am getting know more about Luca.

Luca invited me to join his best friend's (Tobias) birthday in one public park of city center in Berlin, It was great time to meet lots of his good friends, drink beer and chat with everyone.

Hopefully Luca can have another chance to visit Formosa Taiwan. Of course, in Taipei Yifan and me in Kaohsiung will be excited to host Luca at any time.


Luca是我這趟三個月歐洲旅程的第四位義大利籍沙發主, 小我三歲.

感謝Luca招待我住宿他的舒適清爽的家. 我要特別提到另一件事, Luca曾在2010年10月份招待過台灣帥哥攝影高手小帆. 我是在去年購買小帆的一本作品書名沙發旅攝, 在第41頁的內容看到他介紹他的柏林沙發主Luca, 間接認識Luca.

Luca在周三晚上邀請我參加他的一位德國好友的生日活動, 約有20多位在市中心一個公園內一起慶祝派對. 很高興在活動中認識他的一群好友們.

希望在不久將來能夠看到Luca來台灣旅行. 小帆會在台北, 我會在高雄好好的招待這位遠方好友. — 和 Luca Pizzamiglio

Luca Pizzamiglio

He sent me the reference via couch surfing

Richard is a great surfer!
Kind, clean, polite and friendly!

I'm really happy that I hosted him!
He also wrote me several Chinese words using the traditional art, with ink, paper and so on! I've really appreciated it!

I hope to meet him in Taiwan!