My free city tour in Berlin, Germany 德國柏林的免費市區導覽

05152013 (Wed morning)

Berlin, Germany

In Europe it's quite easy to search free city tour on famous cities and here my first time to join this free city tour in Berlin.

Yes, all is free and they offered the professional travel guide to introduce the most⋯⋯ popular sightseeing places around the city center of Berlin. If you are satisfied about their service, just give the tips as you want. Of course, on this 3 and half hours you can meet new friends and traveling with you together.

This date I went to the meeting point and see how they work for this free tour.
In beginning you have to choose the language (English/German/Spanish). For English group there are around 100 people joined it, they divided to three mini groups and each one included one travel guide, our guide is British girl called Amy.

The last picture I took with two friends come from Israel.

在歐洲各大主要著名城市很容易找到免費市區免費觀光行程, 這也是我第一回參加這類活動, 地點在德國柏林.

所有行程均為免費, 同時分配一位專業導遊介紹柏林市中心著名觀光景點. 倘若對此服務感到滿意, 可在行程結束後給導遊小費以資鼓勵. 同樣地在這三個半小時活動中也可以認識同團中來自各國的朋友.

那天我前往集合點來看這個活動如何運作. 一開始每個人要選擇想參加的語言別 (英文/德文/西文). 英文團共有一百人左右,再分為每個小團約三十人上下, 每個小團分配一位導遊, 我們這團導遊是英國小姐名叫Amy.