Brice Goatcheese - mon bon ami français

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A birthday song for my French good friend Brice

Dear Joseph,

Last time I appreciated your time to reply my previous email even it was too rush to arrange the calling out for my Dutch friend Jacob in May 1st.

As my french good friend Brice's birthday coming soon in May 24, I would like to order one french song called " Road" from Chris Mann. It's also good chance for me because my birthday will be two days later 
on May 26, we are both Gemini.

Brice come from Tours, a city in central France. It's interesting that he is my another "cheese" friend because Brice is performing on the music band called "Goat Cheese" and his country France is the kingdom of tasty cheeses.

I met Brice on my last journey in Laos, on the way from Vang Vieng bus station to the capital city Vientiane. In beginning we only have few talk on the bus, later we met again in the tourist information office of Vientiane, so we traveled together and sharing a lot of funny topics between France & Taiwan. 

When he showed me the music video of "Live Tour" in France and Montreal for his band "Goat Cheese" , let met think about another British band called "Transition". I hope in the future they have the chance to show their great french music in Taiwan, 

Hello Brice,

It's nice experience to meet you on the travel in Laos, we have a great laugh and pleasant time while we were on the roads in city center of Vientiane. I am definitely sure to come back to France soon, probably use another way of biking on the "Tour de France", stay longer in your city- Tours, meet your cool buddy of "Goat Cheese". 

As I know that you will have another new travel plan soon in India & Nepal, I hope and would like to invite you visit my country Taiwan because Taiwan will touch your heart, my home is always welcome you at any time.

Coucou Brice,

C'est une expérience très bonne de te faire la reconnaissance sur notre voyage au Laos, nous avons un grand éclat de rire et du temps agréable alors que nous étions sur les routes dans le centre-ville de Vientiane. Je suis sûr de revenir en France bientôt, possible d'utiliser une autre façon de faire du vélo sur la "Tour de France", reste plus longtemps dans ton ville-Tours, rencontre tes copains de "Goat Cheese".

Je sais que tu auras un nouveau projet de voyage prochainement en Inde et au Népal, je souhaite et voudrais t'inviter à visiter mon pays Taiwan parce que Taiwan va toucher ton coeur, ma maison est toujours à ouvrir de te bienvenu en tout temps.

Happy Birthday - Joyeux Anniversaire (French) - 生日快樂

Here is the link of Brice's music band "Goat Cheese".

M. Pokora -  " On est là"  (English means "We are here")

Lyrics to  " On est là" 

Thanks and best regards,

Richard Hou


Tours, France

Tours (pronounced: [tuʁ]) is a city in central France, the capital of the Indre-et-Loire department.
It stands on the lower reaches of the river Loire, between Orléans and the Atlantic coast. Touraine, the region around Tours, is known for its wines, the alleged perfection (as perceived by some speakers) of its local spoken French, and the Battle of Tours in 732. It is also the site of the Paris–Tours road bicycle race. Tours is the largest city in the Centre region of France, although it is not the regional capital, which is the region's second-largest city, Orléans. In 2006, the city itself had 138,268 inhabitants and the metropolitan area had 546,105 .
Tours (prononcé [tuʁ ] Prononciation du titre dans sa version originale Écouter) est une commune française du centre-ouest de la France, sur les rives de la Loire, préfecture du département d'Indre-et-Loire. La ville, comptant 134 633 habitants en 2011 (population municipale stricto sensu, opposée au nombre d’habitants de la ville, à savoir 138 268)[2], est au centre d'une unité urbaine de 347 600 habitants (2011)[1], elle-même noyau d'une aire urbaine de 480 400 habitants[1]. Elle est ainsi, selon ces chiffres, la plus grande commune, la plus grande unité urbaine et la plus grande aire urbaine de la région Centre, ainsi que la 18e aire urbaine de France[3].
Tours est classée Ville d'Art et d'Histoire et est au cœur du site de la Loire, inscrit au patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO au titre de paysage culturel. Ses habitants sont appelés les Tourangeaux/Tourangelles[Note 1].

你可知道位於法國西北部的 杜爾 Tours,曾經是法國的首都?


而當中的靈魂 杜爾 Tours 不僅是整個羅亞爾河流域最大的城市,更在路易 11 在位時被選為法國的首都。⋯⋯


著名的景點如 聖卡西安大教堂 Cathédrale Saint-Gatien de Tours、精采的美術館、許多古老的街道、毫宅及廣場的舊城區。還有著名的布呂門霍廣場 Place Plumereau、古安豪宅 Hotel Gouin、大教堂附近。 再者松年路 Rue Briconnet 更是絕對不能錯過的小街,整條街上都是從羅馬到 18 世紀的建築,彷彿訴說杜爾城的歷史,從羅馬式到哥德式到文藝復興到古典風格。


(圖) 布呂門霍廣場 Place Plumereau 前悠閒喝咖啡的人群

杜爾 Tours 怎麼去?從 巴黎 Paris 坐火車只要 2 小時!