My CS host in Krakow, Poland - Sergio 波蘭克拉科夫沙發主

05182013 (Sat night)
Krakow, Poland
波蘭, 克拉科夫

Sergio, 38 years old, 196cm. Big heart, great smile, sportive and sunny guy.
He grew up in Lviv, Ukraine and lived in Krakow, Poland around 12 years.
Sergio sent me the couch invitation very early in middle April and open his big arms to welcome me at his home. I am so lucky to meet him and also stay this comfort bed, especially his home location is perfect, just walking only around ten minutes to most major sites in the city center (the old town of Krakow).

These two days we shared some interesting topics about Taiwan, Asia, Europe and his stories & country. I also have great chance to watch up such fantastic basketball game in the Park dr. H. Jordana.

I wish to stay here longer but I have already to book the early Poliski bus ticket for next Monday noon to leave Krakow and move to another city Warsaw. Hopefully in soonest time I can meet again this greatest brother. Дякуємо за вашу гостинність

Sergio, 38歲, 196公分. 擁有愛心, 體格健壯的鄰家大男孩. 他成長於烏克蘭Lviv市, 居住在波蘭克拉考夫約12年.

Sergio早在四月中旬就發生沙發邀請信, 並且展開巨人般雙臂歡迎我住他家. 很榮幸有這個機會透過沙發衝浪平台認識他, 他家的位址只要走路約十來分鐘, 即可到達市中心舊城各主要景點.

這二天在他家分享許多有趣話題, 談論到台灣/亞洲/歐洲, 他的故事及家鄉. 同樣在籃球場上看到他的精彩表現.

很希望可以在他家待久些日子, 但由於很早就預訂下周前往波蘭首都華沙的巴士票. 期望不久將來還能夠再見到這位好哥們.

Sergio Salyutenko

He sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard is the very best surfer I ever host. He is much talkative and friendly. Richard likes cooking and do it well. I spent three days with him and can call him my friend. He does same. We chat each other all the time since leaved. How Richard reached his favourite part of Europe - France. I wish he find there a job or a girlfriend or both and stay there longer time and enjoy the country and the culture. If my with become true I can visit him sometimes. It is no so far like Taiwan from Poland. Good luck to him!

Мerci de rester avec moi!