My CS host in Sofia, Bulgaria - Zdravko & Angel 保加利亞, 索非亞沙發主

05092013 (Thu)
Sofia, Bulgaria
保加利亞, 索非亞

Zdravko Grigorov

Angel Hadzhiyski

Zdravko sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard stayed at our place for 2 nights, he is a nice and funny guy, absolutely organized, always ready to clean your house, he was lucky, cause I was just cleaned ours. He never forgets his camera and takes pictures all the time, thanks for the great photos from the party!

 Angel sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard was the first guy from Taiwan I had a chance to meet, so it was interesting for me to know more about his country and culture. It was my fault that I couldn't taste his traditional cuisine, because I have only microwave oven, but have my name written in Chinese calligraphy as a present from him plus some pictures from Sofia Ladies Market - a special place for me, which will be closed soon. Thanks a lot, Richard! Good luck!

I gave my reference for them
Zdravko & Angel are awesome hosts, I stayed their sweet home for two nights. They gave me very comfort room and bed, I was a little bit shamed to occupy their original own space.

Another night they invited me to join their best friends birthday party, I met great people and enjoy the good time with all people. Of course the two little boys on the family party are very cute, hope my photo shoot will be kept this party record and let them to remember about me come from Formosa Taiwan. Thanks bros for your greatest hospitality.