My CS host in Phnom Penh - John Money 柬埔寨金邊沙發主

His CS profile:

John is super nice guy, come from Georgia, USA. I heard about more stories about his living & teaching in Cambodia, also know more about his brother Josh is great singer.
Here is the link of his brother's music.
Another day John invited me to join his meeting with his good friends. He built up one organization called "Twelve Table" as below:

Breaking stereotypes, silencing ancient prejudices, and strengthening human solidarity, we are the Twelve Tables.!/pages/Twelve-Tables/514234501998260?fref=ts

He sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard's travel itinerary was quite impressive and he sent his request far enough in time for me to work out my schedule to host him. He has a number of talents, from drawing, to speaking multiple languages, to cooking some great Taiwanese cuisine (although we didn't have time to have any...maybe next time). He has a very cheerful attitude and has a high level of energy. All the best to your trip back to Taiwan and thanks for the great company.
p.s. thanks for helping pick out the quality cushions for our house ;).

I sent my reference to him
When I searched John's profile and very interested about his family name $ (lol), he is excellent host, awesome friend and hard working teacher.

Same as shown on his profile, very friendly characters, cheerful, intelligent and smart guy, always smile to his closed friends and surfers.

I also have great chance to meet his house mates and joined his another meeting with several friends, sharing culture impact and different comments with these friends.

Thanks for your hot passion and exited to own this unforgettable experience at your place. Thanks my good friend.



Laos to Cambodia 寮國前往柬埔寨的交通方式

11262013 (Tue)
Don Det, Laos to Cambodia

Let met summarize this long journey to arrive Cambodia.
1. 08:10 take boat to leave 4000 island
2. 09:00 take minivan to border (I see your tall Dutch friend Sven Nijssen
took direct bus to Phnom Penh)
3. 09:30 arrive on border between Laos and Cambodia
4. 09:50 paid US$2 to leave Laos
5. 10:00 paid US$1 for health check on body temperature
6. 10:10 paid US$25 for Cambodia visa (I have it, so I did not pay)
Most people gave passport to tour guide $30 for all arrangement
7. 11:30 wait next fxxk bus coming and pick up all people
8. 12:00-15:00 very bad road near the boarder, so much dust everywhere
9. 16:30 take a break, most people took simple but expensive rice EU$2.
10. 20:00 arrive my city Kapongchan (original time 15:00pm, delay 5 hours)
11. 22:30 expect to arrive Phnom Penh (original time 17:00pm, delay 5.5hs)
12. 02:00am expect to arrive in Siem Reap (original time 19:00pm, delay 6 hours)


Mr. Cheese Man - Jacob from Netherlands and dutch good friends 起司先生傑克斯和荷蘭好友

 It's was awesome to meet these Dutch tall friends on my journey in Laos and Cambodia. They are both coming from Cheese kingdom - Netherlands.

很榮幸在寮國及柬埔寨旅行時, 認識這幾位來自起司故鄉的荷蘭長人朋友. 多吃起司, 多騎單車, 頭好壯壯, 身體健康.

Nov 24, 2013

Jacob - Mr. Cheese Man

Don Det, Laos

How do I call Jacob?

LOL, Jacob is interesting dutch friend from Alkmaar, famous cheese city in Netherlands. In end May 2011 I was beeen to Amsterdam for five days. Unfortunately, this popular cheese city listed on my travel schedule but I was lazy MIT boy and missed chance to visit weekly Friday cheese market in Alkmaar. I assume that in future I will be come back Holland soon.
I met Jacob on the way of bus from Pakse to Don Det (or called 4 thousand islands). In beginning we have total four people looking for available bungalow in Don Det. Unfortunately the owner of  Mr. B bungalow said they have only 3 rooms available, so Jacob was decided to find another place, alonely to say good bye to us.
After few hours we met again in this small island, we hang out for dinner and next morning took the bike tour to disvoer the beauty of Don Det.

Note: the first time I met Peter at one Indian restaurant in Pakse, later I invited him to meet my another Dutch friend Sander (my CS host) at his "2B Travel Bar". After two days while I was in Don Det, I saw Peter again as he appeared at same mama cuisine restaurant. very interesting.

11252013 (Mon)

Don Det, Laos


Hoe gaat het? mijn Nederlandse goede vrienden.

How are you? my Dutch good friends.

These few days in Pakse and 4000 islands, Laos I am lucky to meet these two nice Dutch friends (Peter & Jacob), both from same famous cheese city called Alkmaar, Holland.

12022013 (Mon)
Sihanouville, Cambodia

Very nice and traditional Japanese restaurant, the chef Mr. Fujitsu Toshio offered the excellent and immediate service, always smile to guests.  We still remember our fresh yummy food.⋯⋯

Our dinner:
One set of sushi - $6
One pot of Shizoka green tea $2

Cafe Sushi

Note: on Dec 02, 2013 my final date in Sihanouville, Jacob and I met Sven again at same pub. haha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Gelukkige Verjaardag (Dutch) - 生日快樂
MAY 1ST, 2014

I wrote one email request to Taiwan English radio called ICRT for DJ Joseph Lin for below birthday calling

Dear Joseph,

Two weeks ago (April 15th) I have been calling out to your program for 35th Anniversary Giveaway Round 4, thanks so much for ICRT.

I would like to order one good song called “Roads” from Chris Mann, to celebrate my Dutch good friend Jacob Wagenaar’s upcoming birthday on May 1st. 

Jacob come from Alkmaar (famous cheese city), Netherlands. so I gave him one nickname directly “ Cheese Man”, met him on my last journey in Laos and travelling together to Phnom Penh and Sihanouville in end Nov, 2013.

I would like to say these words for Jacob:

Hello Mr. Cheese man, 

it is awesome experience to meet you on my travel in south east Asia. We have a great laugh and pleasant time while we were on the roads in Laos and Cambodia. Hope your next travel in Asia will choose this beautiful island of Formosa Taiwan to be one of your new destination because Taiwan will touch your heart and I owe you for Taiwan beer & betel nut. (lol).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Gelukkige Verjaardag (Dutch) - 生日快樂

                                                         Chris Mann - Roads

There are roads in this life that we all travel
There are scars and there are battles where we roam
When we are lost or wherever we may go
They will always lead you home

There are roads that have lead me to another
To a friend or to a lover I have known
For every turn is a year that I have grown
As I walk along these roads

Some are long and some are weathered
Some will lead you through a storm
When you've gone astray you will find you way
As you walk along these roads

There were times when I stumbled and I wondered
But every choice and every step I don't regret
Cause I have lived and I have loved like no other
I won't fear what lies ahead

Some are long and some are weathered
Some will lead you through a storm
When you've gone astray you will find you way
As you walk along these roads

There are roads in this life that I have traveled
There are scars and there are battles, this I know
Cause I'd be lost, but no matter where I go
They will one day lead me home
They will one day lead me home

Since September 2013 till now, all people in Taiwan were attracted by Rubber Duck (from Netherlands).
Here I listed more news about this Yellow Giant Duck tour in Taiwan.

               Rubber duck designer Florentijn Hofman and Kaohsiung city major Ms Chen

Rubber Duck in Kaohsiung LOVE river


My CS host in Surat Thani, Thailand - Jacob King 泰國蘇拉塔尼沙發主

10212013 (Mon)
Surat Thani, Thailand

Jacob and his cute pet Roxas come from USA, he is currently teaching English in Surat Thani. A young, tall and
laid back guy. 

He sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard and I had a lot of fun this month. While he was in town we went to some Buddhist festivals. Richard even cleaned my house for me while I was sleeping! Safe travels :)

I sent my reference to him
Jacob is my savior in Surat Thani as I have some trouble for unpredictable cancellation by another thai girl (wwoof), he gave me fast and welcome reply to stay his comfort couch.

Another night we have great time to meet his several Thai friends, go to very big and interesting night market, took funny pictures and also tasted yummy market food.

I need to address another interesting thing as Jacob has one very cute cat (Roxas), their intimate relationship as same like daddy & little kid. I am loving Roxas so much.


My CS host in Ko Samui, Thailand - Alex Nabokov 泰國蘇美沙發主

10172013 (Thu)
Ko Samui, Thailand

Alex and Aya are young Kazakhstan couple, moved to Ko Samui around 4 months. They are very nice, sweet and timide new married couple. I am so lucky to be their guest at their new house in Ko Samui.

He sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard is very interesting person. He cooked for us delicious meal and make calligraphy gift. We spent a lot of time talking about adventure, countries and people. Thank you Richard for good time.

I sent my reference to him
I am starting to believe that all people from Kazakstan are decent, humble, very friendly.

Alex and Aya are beautiful lovers & couple, sweet as come from fairy tales, starting from their charming smile to welcome to stay their exquisite house, you will feel that here is not just comfort as your home, it is indeed relax as paradise.

They made yummy cuisine, love to share their romantic story and always give the immediate help as you need. 

Another night we enjoyed the good time to meet and chat with their good friends at Chinese style tea time.

I am strongly recommend any good surfers if you are loving to share yours' treasure, do not miss this awesome chance to meet these pure angels.