Laos to Cambodia 寮國前往柬埔寨的交通方式

11262013 (Tue)
Don Det, Laos to Cambodia

Let met summarize this long journey to arrive Cambodia.
1. 08:10 take boat to leave 4000 island
2. 09:00 take minivan to border (I see your tall Dutch friend Sven Nijssen
took direct bus to Phnom Penh)
3. 09:30 arrive on border between Laos and Cambodia
4. 09:50 paid US$2 to leave Laos
5. 10:00 paid US$1 for health check on body temperature
6. 10:10 paid US$25 for Cambodia visa (I have it, so I did not pay)
Most people gave passport to tour guide $30 for all arrangement
7. 11:30 wait next fxxk bus coming and pick up all people
8. 12:00-15:00 very bad road near the boarder, so much dust everywhere
9. 16:30 take a break, most people took simple but expensive rice EU$2.
10. 20:00 arrive my city Kapongchan (original time 15:00pm, delay 5 hours)
11. 22:30 expect to arrive Phnom Penh (original time 17:00pm, delay 5.5hs)
12. 02:00am expect to arrive in Siem Reap (original time 19:00pm, delay 6 hours)