My CS host in Surat Thani, Thailand - Jacob King 泰國蘇拉塔尼沙發主

10212013 (Mon)
Surat Thani, Thailand

Jacob and his cute pet Roxas come from USA, he is currently teaching English in Surat Thani. A young, tall and
laid back guy. 

He sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard and I had a lot of fun this month. While he was in town we went to some Buddhist festivals. Richard even cleaned my house for me while I was sleeping! Safe travels :)

I sent my reference to him
Jacob is my savior in Surat Thani as I have some trouble for unpredictable cancellation by another thai girl (wwoof), he gave me fast and welcome reply to stay his comfort couch.

Another night we have great time to meet his several Thai friends, go to very big and interesting night market, took funny pictures and also tasted yummy market food.

I need to address another interesting thing as Jacob has one very cute cat (Roxas), their intimate relationship as same like daddy & little kid. I am loving Roxas so much.


My CS host in Ko Samui, Thailand - Alex Nabokov 泰國蘇美沙發主

10172013 (Thu)
Ko Samui, Thailand

Alex and Aya are young Kazakhstan couple, moved to Ko Samui around 4 months. They are very nice, sweet and timide new married couple. I am so lucky to be their guest at their new house in Ko Samui.

He sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard is very interesting person. He cooked for us delicious meal and make calligraphy gift. We spent a lot of time talking about adventure, countries and people. Thank you Richard for good time.

I sent my reference to him
I am starting to believe that all people from Kazakstan are decent, humble, very friendly.

Alex and Aya are beautiful lovers & couple, sweet as come from fairy tales, starting from their charming smile to welcome to stay their exquisite house, you will feel that here is not just comfort as your home, it is indeed relax as paradise.

They made yummy cuisine, love to share their romantic story and always give the immediate help as you need. 

Another night we enjoyed the good time to meet and chat with their good friends at Chinese style tea time.

I am strongly recommend any good surfers if you are loving to share yours' treasure, do not miss this awesome chance to meet these pure angels.


My 2nd CS host in Phuket - Joe Faustina 泰國普吉島第二位沙發主

10162013 (Wed)
Phuket, Thailand

His CS profile:

Joe is cool American guy from Hawaii, USA. US army and currently lived in Phuket around five years, owned his education business as teaching English for local Thai students.

He sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard is a great guy he is easy going and very nice guy. He wrote my name for me in Chinese and it is cool. He has traveled many places and is a very interesting guy. He is welcome to come and visit anytime. Good luck on your travels.

I sent my reference to him
I would like to say that Joe is one of awesome host on my Thailand journey. He offered very comfort room and flexible space to me.

As Joe has his own education business in Phuket since few years ago he started to live in Phuket, he still used additional private time to take care his guests.

I am lucky to be one of your guests, heard your history from your home town, army, living oversea and teaching English experience. Hope next time I have another chance to cook yummy Asian cuisine for u. Xiexie. (Thanks).