My 2nd CS host in Budapest, Hungary - András 匈牙利, 布達佩斯第二位沙發主

04172013 (Wed night)
Budapest, Hungary
匈牙利, 布達佩斯

András Krajnyák                                                                                           

 He sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard is a nice, friendly person! We had a great evening while he stayed with me.

I gave the reference to  András

wow wow wow, ohlala!

This is wonderful experience I catch this good chance to meet András and stay his luxury house, enjoy the Asian dinner time with him and his beautiful friend Vitoria.

We also went to one bar just next his home location, see the a quartet (excellent music players by local students), I learn a little bit Hungarian dance but always not able to catch up their dancing speed, lol.

Thanks András giving this perfect ending in Budapest. On the other hand, it is so nice to know that András and my another host Sandor are "neighbours", this is real small world.

Enjoy the Taiwanese dinner with my handsome Budapest host András and his beautiful friend , they are super nice people. Andras Krajnyak