My Strasbourg helpx host Daniel - his first white wine 法國史特拉斯堡帥哥農夫的白酒

04102013 (Wed)

Strasbourg, France

This is my French sexy & young farmer & friend Daniel, his home located in Strasbourg France. I has been stayed his place around one week and also have done a little bit effort on his vineyard.

I am excited to see his firs⋯⋯t white wine has been finished on the bottle because I also have participated some work before on his vineyard.

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這位是我在去年2012年六月中旬在法國史特拉斯堡的葡萄園待了近一周的法國帥哥農夫Daniel家. 真高興他的個人第一支白酒已經於上周開始裝瓶, 我也貢獻過一些些小小心力.

Richard : c'est trés bien de voir votre bouteille. J'ai aussi travaillé un peu dans votre vigne mais pas beaucoup de temps.