My 1st CS host in Bratislava, Slovakia - Lubor 斯洛伐克,布拉提斯拉瓦的第一位沙發主

04082013 (Tue evening)
Bratislava, Slovakia

dinner time with Lubor

Tonight I tried something different for Asian dinner meal and great to know that my current Slovakia host Lubor like this pork chop with Shacha sauce but the onion soup is not delicious favor,I will try to study the recipe to make new taste of hot soup by next time.

I brought the Shacha sauce from Taiwan and used it to adjust the favor into the meat (chicken/pork/beef...etc). I noticed that European friends can accept this sauce favor even indeed to love it.
今晚想嘗試點不一樣的亞洲風味晚餐, 很高興我的斯洛伐克沙發主Lubor(魯柏)很滿意這道沙荼猪排特餐, 只不過搭配的洋蔥湯口味一般般, 下回會再研究一下食譜, 再作其他不同的熱湯.

此次特別從台灣帶來牛頭牌沙茶醬, 用來作肉類品的調味(雞/猪/牛), 我發現歐洲的朋友們大都能接受這個亞洲味道, 甚至是很喜歡.

April 08 (Mon) 8:00am
Dobré ráno, Bratislava, Slovakia.
早安! 斯洛伐克,布拉提斯拉瓦。(攝於沙發主家外景)

Apr 06, 2013

Lubor, my current host in Bratislava, Slovakia.

I would like to say he is one of very gentle and sweet host, super friendly and also very nice son & boy in his family. On these few days he picked me up in bus station of Einst⋯⋯einova to his father home located in Kopčany. On these two days it's obviously that I learned his filial duties for his father (devotion for daddy), very good and intimate relationship between the father and his son. Lubor is real brave man and best innocent friend in your life.

Lubor (直譯魯柏), 他是我目前在斯洛伐克的沙發主.

他是一位非常斯文有禮的沙發主, 友善而且極為孝順的孩子. 從上周六清晨在巴士站親自來接我, 直接前往他父親的家. 這二天和他們二位互動中可以學習到他對父親的闗照及孝心, 這對父與子的親情流露值得為每個人借鏡. 魯柏是位真男人, 值得一生中要認識的摯友.
— 在 Kopcany, Bratislava