My CS host in Rijeka, Croatia - Ivan 克羅埃西亞里耶卡沙發主

04212013 (Sun afternoon)
Rijeka, Croatia

里耶卡, 克羅埃西亞

Rijeka tourist board

Ivan Rubinić

He sent me the reference via couch surfing
Richard is funny Taiwanese guy, I have hosted him in my home town and it was a good decision. The time that we spent together was nice, interesting and overall funny with a lot of joking. He is a great guest, and he is trying to be as polite as one can be. Also I have to mention that he wrote me a nice letter (Chinese calligraphy), and I think that that is a great sign of care! I would definitely recommend him as a guest and also as a host at any time. Take care and have a nice trip!

I gave my reference to Ivan
Ivan is most sexy, tall and very interesting young guy. He sent me the couch request very early before my departure to Europe. I can feel the most hot passionate from Croatia and his beautiful city both in Rijeka & Krk.
Every day we always laugh for many funny things, you will never to feel boring while you meet Ivan and stay his best couch.

I am very lucky to go his parents home in Krk, such beautiful island as like the pearl treasure on the ocean world.

In future, wish Ivan can make his target come true no matter the new life in Asia or Europe. You are the best brother in my life.

Gentle daddy & sexy son 帥爸爸及帥兒子

Ivan is my current host located in Rijeka, Croatia. He sent me the early invitation around early March. His parents lived in one small and pretty island ca⋯⋯lled KRK. Ivan has awesome experience to take self travel in China and Taiwan on last summer vacation in September 2012 around 2 months, deep impression about Taiwanese hot passionate and great snacks.

This afternoon while I met him in bus station, OHLALA! Until now he is most young, tall and sexy guy as I met the whole hosts in Europe. Ivan is 196cm on height and only 24 years old (master in University of Rijeka and hope to work on financial field in HK or Singapore in nearest future, I believe that he can achieve this target.

I am enjoying the lunch time with him and his super friendly daddy. They look like very good brothers while they were making the lunch meal in the kitchen.

PS: Rijeka - the beautiful harbor city of Croatia, similar as my home city Kaohsiung, Taiwan. (Kaohsiung is famous harbor city in Taiwan)

Ivan是我目前在里耶卡, 克羅埃西亞的沙發主. 

Ivan早在三月初就發沙發邀請信, 邀請我來他的家鄉. 他的父母住在里耶卡附近一座叫Krk美麗小島.

Ivan曾在2012年九月份利用暑假自行前往中國及台灣自助旅行二月份, 對寶島熱情及美食留下深刻美好印象.

今天搭乘巴士到達里耶卡巴士站約好碰面地點. WOW, 他是目前我遇到所有歐洲沙發主中最年青(24歲, 經濟學碩士生), 個子最高 (196公分). 他希望將來畢業後有機會能前往香港或新加城這二個亞洲國際金融大都會工作, 相信他會達成目標.

很榮幸和他及他的帥爸一起分享中午親自下廚的道地克國風味料理. 父子倆一起下廚作菜時, 感情好的如同兄弟般.

里耶卡 - 克國美麗的海港城市. (很像台灣的港都高雄市)— 在Rijeka, Primorsko-Goranska 

04222013 (Mon morining)
Rijeka, Croatia
里耶卡, 克羅埃西亞

dobro jutro, ohiyao, good morning, bonjour, 早安。
Let's our most Croation chef Ivan to make yummy Michelin breakfast.
— 在 Rijeka, Primorsko-Goranska