My 1st CS host Roger (Barcelona, Spain) come to TAIWAN 我的第一位沙發主要來台灣旅行了

Breaking News (特報)

Roger, my good Spanish brother and 1st CS host is ready to visit my country TAIWAN very soon.

Roger Fortuny, video technician, working in Barcelona TV station, familiar in Asian countries' geography & history and good observation on the local culture and people.
I trust that this upcoming 3 weeks journey from Jun 23 - Jul 12 in Formosa Taiwan will give him extraordinary travel experience and leave special time in this beautiful island.

Attached several pictures as I was visited him in end May, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

Roger, 我的西班牙好兄弟、也是我的第一位即將來台灣旅行的沙發主。

Roger Fortuny 仼職巴塞隆納電視台攝影工程師。熟稔亞洲國家地理歷史,對於當地人文頗為深度觀察。相信此次三周的環島台灣行會帶給他精彩旅行經驗 ,留下對寶島台灣最棒的每一刻時光。

(張逸帆 , thanks for your approval and willing to host my best brother Roger in Northern Taiwan )