Goodbye Europe and fly to Asia 再會歐洲巴黎, 飛往亞洲曼谷

 06132013 (Wed Night)
Paris CDG airport, France.

Ready to say good bye to Paris, France, Europe and all European friends, hosts.
You are awesome.
準備和巴黎, 法國, 歐洲及所有歐洲好友及沙發主說再見.

Fly to Bangkok (Jun 13-19) and back to Kaohsiung, Taiwan (my city & country) in Jun 20,2013.
今晚前往巴黎戴高樂機場, 飛到泰國曼谷及停留一周. 6/20回到台灣高雄.

Jun 13 (Thu) 22:05pm - 07:00am CDG巴黎, AUH阿布達比. flight 38 (Air France)
Jun 14 (Fri) 08:40 pm - 18:05pm AUH阿布達比, BKK曼谷. flight 408 (Ethiad airways)
Jun 20 (Fri) 17:45pm - 22:05 BKK曼谷, KHH高雄. flight 840 (China airlines)

Etihad Airways