My 1st CS host in Phuket - Frederick Bergman 泰國普吉島第一位沙發主

10082013 (Tue)
Phuket, Thailand

Fast sketches for my current nice latino host Frederick Bergman, he looks very similar as young version of American movie star Bruce Willis.


Frederick Bergman

He sent me the reference via couch surfing

Richard is what couch surfing is all about, a cultural exchange. 
He cooked a delicious Taiwanese meal, made a portrait and Chinese calligraphy for me.

You can tell this guys exceeds class, from the start his couch request was
original and showed that he was interested in meeting you for a cultural
exchange and friendship, not just a place to save money and freeload. 
Classy, interesting, funny and full of great stories about his travels.

This is the best guest that I ever had, don't miss the opportunity to host
this great ambassador of Taiwan. 
Can't wait to have the pleasure to hang out again when I visit Taiwan!!

I gave my CS reference to him
Frederick is one of best host, Latino cool guy and awesome friend, I am lucky to be his first male surfer and 2nd Taiwanese friend via CS.

Smart, intelligent, talkative, passion and well cook guy, I was pleased to hear much about his experience and fantastic stories from his childhood till now.

Thanks for your big arms to welcome me and yummy cuisines, I enjoy the good time at your place and wish your laptop issue will be fixed it very soon. Hugs.