My 2nd CS host in Mainz - Josh 德國美茵茲第二位沙發主

03262013 (Tue)
Mainz , Germany


Guten Morgen, drink the cafe and take a break, here is in 10:05am in Mainz, Germany. The most sexy US army Josh and his sweet smile to say Hello / Nihao to everyone, wish all of you have the great day.   (Josh is my 2nd CS host in Mainz, so happy to be his surfer)

古騰摩根 (德語早安). 來杯咖啡及休息一下吧. 現在是德國美茵茲早晨10:05am. 獻上最高大帥氣的美國陸軍帥哥Josh的晨間問候. (Josh Tomlinson是我在美茵茲第二位沙發主, 在德國駐軍服務二年, 暑假將屆滿回美國).
— 與 Josh Tomlinson

Josh Tomlinson

He sent his reference to me
Richard was a great guest. He is a very positive person that is full of energy. I always respect someone that is able to pick up and go and take long trips all over the world, and he is doing just that! Thanks for sharing about your Country and the card that you left! Hope to see you in Taiwan someday!

My reference gave to Josh
Josh is very sexy, attractive, sportive and easy going American. In past 10 years I met lot of American customers on my job even took the business travel to US twice. He made very delicious steak for me on the dinner and we shared a little bit on travel & lived in other countries experience.

I am sorry to see Josh's illness while I stayed his couch but I know that his body will be recovered soon as like his super power energy.

Wish you have great journey in South America and please take some long days to travel in Asia, I will be glad to host you and introduce more about the most beautiful sightseeing places in Taiwan.