My 1st CS host in Mainz - Albert 德國美茵茲第一位沙發主

03252013 (Mon)
Mainz HBF, Germany

Meet my Dutch host Albert this afternoon in Mainz HBF (station), wow he is young and handsome captain (co-pilot) of Luthansa Airlines, this morning he just finished three routes in Europe and the last flight depart from Stockholm, Swedem to Frankfurt airport, Germany, this is real tough job.

Enclosed our picture taken in front of the Mainz HBF and my couch I will sleep tonight, a huge and comfort couch bed.

Tonight I made the asian style dinner to celebrate one year anniversairy of Albert's living in Germany.

今天下午在德國美茵茲火車站約好和今天的沙發主荷蘭籍年輕帥哥Albert及入住他家沙發一晚. 結果碰面後才知道...WOW 他是德國漢沙航空的年輕機長 (副駕駛), 今天上午才剛完成飛行三段歐洲內陸線, 中午正從瑞典斯德哥爾摩駕駛空中巴士飛機抵達德國法蘭克福機場. 真是辛苦的工作. (第一張是在車站前和帥氣機長合照, 第二張是他家漂亮的客廳及沙發床, 今晚我要睡的地方, 沙發床真大, 睡二個人都夠).


Albert Koning

He sent his reference to me
I hosted Richard at my home in Mainz. Richard is an amazing great guy who is very helpful, sincere and open. He cooked for me and my roommates a delicious asian cuisine of which I still remember the lovely taste.
Richard is also very funny who tells funny stories. He visited us as part of his 3 month journey through Europe. He is welcome anytime to come back to us and share new experiences. Whenever I am in Taiwan I will write him for sure. Thanks Richard for your very pleasant visit and inspiring personality, God bless!

My reference gave to Albert
It's amazing experience to meet Albert and stay his warm couch. When I received his reply "YES" to accept my request, my direct feeling is SUPER HAPPY than to be the winner of lotto.

Albert is most sexy captain as I saw in Europe, even most beautiful Dutch guy in the world. My great honor to be his first CS surfer, made yummy Chinese dinner for him & his girl friend and other best flat mates.

Although our meeting time is so short and limited but I can guarantee that Albert is one of best friend in my life, thanks bro you have done lots of things more than I can share to you. I wish in soonest future I can be your passenger on your flight, even to get the chance to attend your wedding in Europe. See you soon in Asia (Kaohsiung, Taiwan).

DEC 14,2014 (Taiwan)
Merry Christmas
vrolijk kerstfeest
Joyeux Noël
Frohe Weihnachten
Feliz Navidad
Very happy to receive a beautiful & peaceful X'mas card from far far away, a best dutch friend Albert Koning, a handsome captain of Lufthansa. Wish to see my brother very soon in Taiwan. (Taiwan touch your heart)
這個周末真高興收到一張來自遠方歐洲好兄弟的聖誔卡, 他是帥氣的荷蘭人, 也是任職德國漢莎航空公司的機長. 希望在很快的將來能夠看到好友來台灣玩,