When I see you again with my CS host Albert 再次和你見面囉

03/27/2013 (Wed) 09:00am
Mainz HBF, Germany

 What is the most happiness in your life? I think I have already received the answer. This early morning while I was going to Mainz HBF, my best dutch friend (Mr. Captain) Albert and his sweetest girlfriend Olga waiting me on the train station and say the final good bye to me.

WOW, both of you are most sweet sweet sweet (million honey sweet) friends in my world, I am SUPER happy to see you again and I know this will not be the last GOOD bye to us, we will meet soon in soonest furture. I love you, je t'aime, ik hou van je (dutch), Men seni suyemin!(kazakh)

人生最快樂的事是什麼? 我想今早已經得到答案. 今晨當我到達美茵茲火車站時, 最帥氣的機長帥哥Albert和他的甜美空姐女友為了和我說再見, 非常早起床, 特地來車站和我送別. 謝謝你們, 我愛你們, 我知道這不會是最後的再見, 我們會很快再見面地.

 Albert KoningOlga Hölzer