My CS host in Frankfurt - Gianni 德國法蘭克福沙發主

10252013 (Fri)
Bangkok, Thailand

After six months, we have another great chance to meet couple Gianni & Ivana in Asia.
These few days we hang out to discover this amazing city, travelled together in Silom, China town and Chatuchak weekend market. In end October we will meet again in Chiang Mai, participate in local CS meeting. 

03222013 (Friday)
Frankfurt, Germany

Gianni Bianchini

He sent his reference to me
It was really a great experience to meet Richard.
He is a friendly, talkative, and enthusiast traveler and a great CSer.

He likes to share about his culture and I have definitely learn a lot more about Taiwan and its culture and life. I cooked for him Italian meal and he cooked Taiwanese food. Was a great sharing experience especially when shopping together in Chinese shop. Thanks for the gifts and for your kindness. We will definitely come to visit you in Kaohsiung. :)
Xie xie ning Richard.

My referernce gave to Gianni
It's my honor to meet Gianni and Ivana in FFM, they are VERY sweet couple and treat me as like their young brother. We shared both in Italian and Asian yummy food and talk lot of topics about travel, food, language, living and interests....etc.

I learn much experience from them, they present the real spirit of couch surfing and wish in future we will meet very soon again in my country.

Gianni, million thanks to teach so much about Italian and photography. grazie & ďakujem vám

This noon I am going to meet my Frankfurt CS host Gianni, he is sexy Italian photographer.
His girl friend Ivana and him are so sweet, made Italian style delicious lunch to welcome me.
This afternoon we will go out to purchase some Asian food, I will cook the Taiwanese favor dinner to share with them.


03232013 (Saturday)
buon giorno, 義大利語早安!
Today I will learn Italian basic language from my Italian CS host Gianni, it's will be helpful to practice it in May for the upcoming travel in Venice and Milan.