Thanks for 1st host (helpx) Welke family -感謝第一個Helpx host Welker家庭

五月第一周我在德國法蘭克福近郊Lautertal小鎮和第一個host Welker家庭度過很開心又溫暖的一周. 以下是我給host家庭的評語及host女主人Margit媽媽給我的評價.

Helper RICHARD HOU: It's fantastic experience even this is my 1st helpx work and I am honor to stay with the Welker's family to share their happiness & family love.

Thanks for Margit to teach me so much about the many pratique experience reg. gardening, cooking, Deutsch learning & strong family's love & care...etc... I also appreciate Willi to help me for know Deutsch culture and how to be a good husband to love his family & kids, I will try to make closer with my dad's relation to improve the long isolated relationship.

Stay in your family let me feel so strong family love and also let me to miss much my lovely mom (since she was past away in 2003). In addition, I am so glad to know about my birthday is same as your wedding date, I will not forget these wonderful days at your home.

Thanks again for your family & all members and I will do my best effort to share this good experience of helpx with my family and friends too.

Host Margit: It was nice to have Richard with us.
He is easygoing,very friendly and worked real hard in our garden! Twice he cooked a delicious chinese dish for us so don´t forget to ask him to cook!
We learned a lot about Taiwan in this week.
Thank you very much, Richard and have a good time touring through Europe!