My CS host in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia - Dilip 馬來西亞吉隆坡沙發主

09222013 (Sat)
Kuala Lumper, Malaysia

Apa khabar?
आप कैसे हैं? Āpa kaisē haiṁ?
How are you?

My 1st CS host in KL, tall/slim/sexy Indian guy Dilip,
accepted my couch request very soon, I am happy to meet him in this city.


His CS profile:

He gave me the reference via couch surfing:
Richard had amazing memory of his experiences in CS and able to narrate it well and witty. He can really go on and on, so ask him to stop or be overwhelmed with knowledge of the world. He is very independent and funny. He can cook well I think but I didnt give him much chance at the kitchen. Thanks for the calligraphy and the gifts.. Sorry for not being able to show around much but was happy you were very prepared for KL sightseeing.

I sent the reference to him as below:
If there is one more "Super Positive" option to describe the CS experience, I would like to use it to share my greatest meeting and surfing at Dilip home.

A Bollywood prince (tall, handsome and very charming guy), picked me up near his job location, went to take coffee shop & a interesting bazaar (food market) near his home.

Wish to have one more time to meet this excellent friend again because I know that this friendship will be kept longer in future.