How to write a good couch request? 如何撰寫一封文情並茂的沙發請求信?

Someone asked me how to write a good couch request to your potential host, here is a example I wrote for all people reference.


About Me
Hallo xxx,

Wie geht es dir? ( use your host's native language to present direct greeting)
This is Richard Hou from Taiwan.

I am making my upcoming Central Europe travel plan and will land in Frankfurt in March 21 and plan to visit Salzburg and Vienna on April 01-05. This will be my 1st time to travel in Austria.

I am cheerful and easy going guy (non smoker) with a lot of energy and love to explore new places and cultures, so I decided to ask you if you are available to provide an accommodation and host me for 2 or 3 nights depends on your convenient time.

I am really excited to visit this beautiful city and best wish to you.


Richard Hou

Why I'd Like to Meet You
I read your profile and gave me very deep impression about you: great cook / Thai food expert / generous / kind / talkative person.

I used the positive attitude and principle to meet new strangers through couch surfing and it is simple and uncomplicated way to make friends too. Hope I have this honor to be your 3rd Taiwanese surfer.

I would to share the below with you if you are interested in too.

1. Cooking - I like to make eastern food & dessert and share different cuisine recipe with new friends. Honestly I have to admit that I only can make basic home made cuisine.

2. Drawing & Chinese calligraphy - I used to make self-portrait and write Chinese calligraphy as the souvenir for making friends. You can review my CS profile on pictures folders "Germany".

3. Short drink (cafe/beer/wine) and talking - share good stories to people on relax time. Upon your profile, you have been visited Thailand several time, I would like to introduce some as I have lived or travelled in past: Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China (Hong Kong/Macau)and Taiwan.

 I will go to Bangkok for the 2nd visit in this middle Jun and stay around one week. I am loving Thai food, people and their fantastic culture. Bangkok is my most favorite city in Asia.

Here is some pictures as I visited Thailand in end 2009.

4. The best way I like to travel a nice historic city is by walking or biking.

5. movie: Life of PI (2012)
In end Feb. our international film director Mr. Ang Lee win his 2nd best director of Oscar award in Los Angles, his greatest movie called "Life of Pi".

Thanks for your time & attention to read my long message.

danke. (use your host's native language to present "thank you")